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Influence of Technology on Teaching and Learning

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Course Outcomes:
1. Describe how technology is influencing teaching and learning.
2. Discuss the relationship among knowledge, learning, teaching, and the nature of media and how this relationship should influence our use of technology in the health education field.
3. Evaluate educational technology delivery options and best practices in implementation.
4. Examine new developments in technology and how they may influence design and delivery of teaching.

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In the age of globalization we are all more connected than ever before. The rates at which we exchange information are at an unprecedented level. This substantial flow of information and knowledge presents myriad opportunities for engagement, collaboration, and open information-sharing.

This free flow of information also poses significant challenges- understanding and filtering knowledge are difficult skills to acquire. Teachers now need to equip students with the ability to not only find answers to problems, but to find ALL of the answers available and to make educated judgments based on the knowledge found. This is no easy task for educators.

In the health education field sharing and filtering knowledge is critical to responsible and rigorous teaching and ...

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Critical analysis of the influence of technology on teaching and learning, including the relationship among knowledge, learning, teaching, and the nature of the media. Educational technology delivery options and best practices are offered.

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