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Technology Integration Impact Student Learning

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How does integration of technology influence student learning?

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I am on the information, technology and communications committee at our school and we have been investigating this very question over the past six months. It has been a very interesting study.

Studies regarding learning retention tell us that we retain information that is presented to us much more effectively if it is "experienced" by several of our senses instead of just one. If we just hear the information we retain only about 5%. At the other end of the spectrum if I Teach information to others or if I immediately apply what I've learned in a real life scenario I can retain up to 90% of what I've just learned.

I experienced this recently when I took our school's "First Responder" first aid training course. If the information had ...

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This post examines the influence of technology on student learning. How can the use of technology in the classroom benefit student learning and retention? Over 500 words of original text from the viewpoint of a veteran teacher involved on the information, communication and technology board of a large international school.

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