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Topics for Action Research Paper

Brainstorm several possible "problems" or topics appropriate for an action research study. Prepare a 350-700-word paper describing your potential research topic. Discuss the most appropriate method for conducting research in your selected area (qualitative, quantitative, etc.), including the rationale for your choice.

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Possible topics for action research (as I understand it, Action Research is ways in which to improve the conditions of the school, if I am off base, please let me know and I will adjust accordingly).

1) Integrating technology into core curriculum

2) Best ways to teach conflict resolution in classrooms

3) The adult learner: using life experiences to learn

4) Learning in small groups vs whole class

5) The impact of the arts on learning

6) Learning style and knowledge retained

7) The effects of co-teaching on student learning and teacher satisfaction

8) The effects of integration on classroom environment and learning

Choose a research topic and within the first paragraph, state what the topic is, why you chose that topic and how you came to that choice (the rationale).

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