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    Action research in education

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    In your role as Research Coordinator, use the Library, Internet, and other sources to research the term "action research." Based on your research and understanding of what action research is, discuss the following:

    Give examples of action research projects that researchers in your organization or field of study might engage in.
    Discuss why action research would be appropriate in your organization.
    Support your ideas with TWO citations and references for at least two outside supporting sources.

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    Your posting did not specify what formatting protocol you are expected to use, so I formatted this suggested beginning in APA, 6th edition. To begin this assignment, search on any Internet engine you prefer using the phrase action research. Select several articles to look over for possible use - DO NOT choose Wikipedia, as it is not a scholarly source, and many colleges and universities actually forbid its use. Select two (or more) to use, and pick out some good quotes that you might choose to use in the eventual paper you will write. You will need four paragraphs. The first paragraph will introduce your reader to the topic, and the last paragraph will conclude, or summarize, what you have had to say. That leaves only two body paragraphs to address the points the assignment wanted you to address. Double check that you have answered all of the requirements. Then, proofread your essay, checking for errors. Edit and correct as necessary.

    Your paper might read:
    Kurt Lewin is frequently credited with developing the concept of action research (Riding, Fowell & Levy, 1995). Action research is a study that is undertaken by a professional in their own field, ...

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