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    Action Research in Education and Teaching

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    Propose action research that might be carried out by a small group of teachers who want to research teacher evaluations in their school. Include the objectives of the research and a brief outline.

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    As with any discussion of a question posed, it is not only prudent, but essential that you understand what is being asked. In this instance a quick examination of what is Action Research needs to start us off. Once there is an understanding of what is Action Research, it can then be applied to this scenario, a group of teachers who want to use action research to investigate teacher evaluations in their school. A knowledge of action research will also help fill in how to determine the objective and outline of the research these teachers will conduct.

    Action Research

    Action research can be used in many different context but somehow it seems to be an essential aspect of teaching. Education involves the constant act of observation, change, data collection and an analysis of practice. Action research lends itself to teaching by providing a guiding schema. It assists teachers to use their observations in a structured manner which eventually will guide teachers towards an improved comprehension of teaching and learning. Teachers using action research will understanding the why, when, and how of their instruction and its effect on students.

    Action research is always pertinent for those involved in it. This is because those involved in the research are the ones who decided on the focus of the research. Further, those who conduct and participate in ...

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    This response discusses what is action research and how teacher's in a school might use this information to conduct this type of research in their own schools. The specifics of this posting were in regard to teacher evaluations however action research can be used in many areas in the field of education.