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Topics for the Action Research Project

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What are some topics of need for future research in the area Action Research Project? How might one be able to contribute to future literature or practices in the field?

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This solution contains over 400 words including references on action research topics. Includes a list of potential topics. References are provided to aid in the understanding of the question.

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What are some topics of need for future research in the area Action Research Project?

There are many topics that need to be researched for the future success in the field of education. The topic should address an issue or problem such as trying out a new method of teaching, identifying a classroom management problem or further study of a topic of interest to the instructor. Many times the instructor has used the same old teaching methods and delivered the curriculum without ever expanding on the topic. Students become bored and less engaged causing lower scores and no motivation to learn the topic presented. Action research can help the instructor expand on the curriculum, ...

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