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    Research & null and alternative hypothesis

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    You are a research analyst with a large research and development firm, Akron Research. Your firm performs studies and analysis for companies that need product, process improvement, manufacturing, and consulting research services.

    You have been assigned to develop a comprehensive research strategy and plan and develop a proposal outline for a customer-driven project. After you complete your review of the project, you will have to pick a topic and decide the research methodology that will be applied. Then you will have to develop the research design to include the topic, purpose statement, literature review, research question and hypothesis, and the analysis and report writing format. Finally, you will have to present the research proposal outline for customer approval. Since you may or may not be the one actually conducting the research, you must have a detailed research design plan that can walk a researcher or team through the entire research process for this project.

    You have been hired to conduct a research project for a university in your city. You will be meeting with your client to explain research strategy. Developing a research strategy will be a critical factor for the success of your research project. To help your client fully understand what the research strategy is, prepare a report that addresses the following topics - which are all part of the strategy:

    -Discuss how research topics are selected.
    -Discuss the importance of the purpose statement.
    -Explain how the research questions and hypothesis are developed.
    -These should be succinct, yet as detailed as possible.
    -Discuss the null and alternative hypothesis and how they support the research effort.
    -Discuss how the research effort will be measured and analyzed.
    -Include a discussion of the various research report formats and the documentation that will be needed for each of the research methods. (Qualitative, Quantitative, Mixed, Action)
    -Explain how to conduct a literature review to support the research effort. Discuss how to develop an annotated bibliography and how it can be applied to effectively support the research effort.
    -Explain the importance ethical and legal responsibilities in the research project. You have an ethical and legal responsibility to your client to ensure that your research methodology and final report will be of the highest ethical standards.
    How would I start this research? Where is a good place to look for information?

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    Five steps in research process:
    - Set objectives
    - Plan activities
    - Collect data
    - Analyse data
    - Report and recommend
    (Skills, 2012)
    Hence first step is to lay down clearly the objectives of the research process and then an action plan. One should collect data from both secondary and primary sources and the interpretation and recommendation should be clear and relevant. How research topics are selected
    Topic is one of the important things to be considered. As per Vanderbilt.edu, Topic should not be too broad and is of the interest to the researcher. Topic should be easy to comprehend and to research. Moreover sufficient resources should be available to write about the topic. One should also understand that topic should have clear focus and should run in all directions.

    Statement of purpose
    As per cls, "A Statement of Purpose is a sentence that you write, which states, in some detail, what you want to learn about in your research project. " Hence it guides about the scope of research. It helps in enhancing the interest of the researcher in the project and should help in planning. It will aid in developing a Thesis Statement and saves time and effort.

    Research question and hypothesis
    As per Ryesron, "research question is the question that you are trying to answer when you do research on a topic or write a research report."
    "A hypothesis is a statement that can be proved or disproved. A research question can be made into a hypothesis by changing it into a statement.

    Example of hypothesis can ...

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    Solution discusses the null and alternative hypothesis and how they support the research effort