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    Write null and research hypotheses

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    Sixteen juvenile rats were treated with the drug Naloxone (pairs 1,3,7,8) or, as a placebo control, Saline (pairs 2,4,5,6) and then observed for their play and non-play behavior in an open field for 1.5 minutes. The goal of the research was to test the idea that the inhibition of endogenous opioid neuro-transmission (this is what naloxone does) will reduce play behavior, but have no effect on other social or non-social behaviors.

    A) Write a research hypothesis for this experiment.

    B) Write a null hypothesis for this experiment.

    C) Write 1 alternative (research) hypothesis for this experiment. (Note: you cannot use a behavior that is part of your research hypothesis or null hypothesis for the alternative.).

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    A) Research hypothesis: Inhibition of endogenous opioid neurotransmission reduces play behavior.
    B) Null hypothesis: Inhibition of endogenous opioid ...

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    This solution displays how to formulate null, research, and alternate hypotheses for a drug test on sixteen juvenile rats.