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Benefits and barriers of action research

Read the following articles about action research (see attached):

"Action Research Fosters Empowerment and Learning Committees"
Themes in education: Action research.
"Supporting Technology Integration Through Action Research"
"Practical Strategies for Facilitating Classroom Teachers' Involvement in Action Research"

Answer the following questions:

a. What is your definition and/or understanding of action research?
b. What are the benefits of and barriers to action research?
c. Do you see the value of conducting classroom-based inquiries?
d. What are three questions you have about action research?

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a. What are your definition and/or understanding of action research?

Action research is a process in which a person has the opportunity to uncover solutions through a progressive problem-solving process. The outcome of this process is intended to improve practices and address issues that need to be updated/revised. Often this process involves an investigation process through activities rather than through analyzing theory.

b. What are the ...

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Benefits and barriers of action research are provided. The practical strategies for facilitating classroom teachers' involvement in action research are provided.