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Health Benefit Model

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Describe the health belief model. Select one the four factors and in your own words, including your understanding of its definition and what this factor means in your own health status. Also, give an example of this factor in individual health behavior.

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This solution describes the Health Belief Model, and discusses its application to perceived consequences and net benefits.

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(1) Describe the health belief model.

The Health Belief Model (HBM) is described as a psychological model is designed to explain and predict health behavior by focusing on an individuals' attitudes and/or beliefs. For instance, the HBM is based on core assumptions that underlie the understanding that a person will take the following steps regarding their health: (a) take a health-related action to treat the condition, (b) believes that a negative health condition can be avoided, (c) holds the attitude that in taking a recommended action, an effective preventive strategy has been taken, and (d) believe he or she can be successful by taking a recommended health action. The four constructs characterizing the model represents perceived threat and net benefits and include: (a) perceived susceptibility, (b) perceived severity, (c) perceived benefits, and (d) perceived barriers. ...

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