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Application of the Health Belief Model

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How would the Health Belief Model apply to the following case study? Can it be applied. How could the theory result in altered outcomes? Are there limitations to applying the health belief model to this case study? What are they?

C is a 52- year- old accountant, who is an avid runner. He does not smoke, but eats a high fat diet and has elevated cholesterol. He was encouraged by his wife to have a computerized heart scan. The scan indicated multiple coronary blockages and 10 days later 5 vessel bypass surgery was done. On day #3 post-op, he denies pain but is having difficulty performing deep breathing exercises.

He wants to return home on the next day and tells his wife that he expects to return to work the week after discharge. He has a low-grade fever, but there is no redness or drainage from his incision. He refuses visitors and told a nursing assistant that he wanted as few people to know about his surgery as possible.

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The health belief model can apply to the following case study, due to the fact that the patient in this case seemed to be in denial about the pain that he is having when he attempts to perform deep breathing exercises, which is a classic example of the health belief model construct that involves the individual's perception of the severity of their illness or health issue. In addition, prior to the difficulty in performing the deep breathing exercises, the patient had to be encouraged by his wife to have ...

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