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    Health Behaviors

    Health behaviours include the various behaviours, decisions, and attitudes taken towards our health. These can include a large range of activities and behaviours. The six most frequently focused on are: exercise, nutrition, smoking, alcohol, illegal drug use and sexual health. Various behaviours can have positive or negative effects on our mental and physical health. This branch of study is often focused on the way we can change health behaviours with the obvious goal of encouraging good health behaviours and discouraging bad health behaviours. Important theories and models within the topic of health behaviour and behavioural change are: the transtheoretical model of behaviour change, the theory of reasoned action, the theory of planned behaviour, the health belief model, the relapse prevention model, and the health action process approach.

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    BrainMass Categories within Health Behaviors

    Health Promotion

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    The process of improving people's control over their health and the determining factors.

    The Health Belief Model

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    A model that predicts the likelihood that someone will take up a certain behaviour.

    Relapse Prevention

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    A series of actions and processes and the associated model used to prevent relapse.


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