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    Observational Learning and the Four Elements of Modeling

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    What is observational learning and what are the four elements of modeling. Please provide a "real" life example to illustrate these concepts.

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    Observational learning is when a new behavior is learned through observation, retention, and replication of others behavior.
    The four stages of modeling include; attention, retention or memory, initiation or reproduction, and motivation.
    Attention-Observers must pay attention to their surroundings and the behavior happening around them.
    Retention or Memory-It is not enough for the observer to recognize the behavior but they also have to be able to remember it.
    Initiation or Reproduction- The observer must be capable of reproducing he behavior physically. They must also have the mental capacity to understand and imitate the behavior.
    Motivation- The observer needs to be motivated to reproduce the behavior they observed. If there was a positive response to the behavior ...

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