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    Self Regulation and Socialization

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    Please help me start on the following:

    1. In a 1-page paper, discuss five ways you use self-regulation in your life. How are your goals and ambitions related to these? This should be on a more personal level. No references required.

    2. Observational Methods
    Explain in detail, using examples you have either experienced in your own life or have observed in young children.

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    I have provided examples and explanations that are meant to be easy to understand. I provided one article on observational method that you might want to read for additional learning value.

    1. In a 1-page paper, discuss five ways you use self-regulation in your life. How are your goals and ambitions related to these?
    First, I use self-regulation for my vision, aspirations and dreams. These are part of self-regulation. By vision, I mean it is how I see my world working. It is my mental picture of how I would like the world to operate in the future. My vision is specific, I see myself as a therapist, working to help those with emotional and psycholgoical problems. My aspirations or dreams are pieces of the vision. For example, I have a aspiration for personal freedom. Another dream and aspiration is of being debt-free and retired at a young age. Another dream is to some day have my children's education completely paid for from savings. However, in order for the dreams or aspirations to become reality, I had to translate them into specific goals.
    I use self-regulation to set specific goals, a way to realize by dreams, passions and aspirations. Goal setting is part of self-regulation. I set career and educational goals (i.e., go to school, get my Master's degree in Counselling, write my EPPP in order to be registerd as a psychologist). I also set more personal ego type goals (i.e., I am going to buy a new car, to buy nice clothing, to go on one major holiday a year, etc.). Sometimes, my goals are competing, and I need to decide (using self-regulation) which one is more important, as some are more likely to lead to success than others.
    I use self-regulation for "imagery". I see or imagine myself accomplishing my goals, being successful (i.e., sitting in my office, with a client). I use self-regulation in positive thinking exercises (i.e., mental rehearsals, I am going to be successful in accomplishing my goals, I am going to be debt free, I am going to work hard and be diligent in my work ethics, etc.) as a way of encouraging myself to move toward my visions, dreams, aspirations through actively pursuing my goals. I imagine what I want my life to be like, what ...

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    This solution discusses at least five ways to use self-regulation in life, and how goals and ambitions related to these. It also explains observations of young children. Supplemented with an article describing the observational method and social learning theory and socialization of children.