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Socialization: The Social Self, Agents & factors

1. What is the social self? Provide examples. What are some moral and ethical factors of the social self?

2. What are some of the major agents of socialization? Which do you think most influenced you? Why?

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When you think of the "social self" you think of who you see when in the public eye--out with others. Who are you when you are out in a crowd? Are you like your private self? For example, you may notice that your friends, when in public, are not always like they are in a private setting. It could go a few different ways. Perhaps they are louder, smile more, more gregarious when out with others. They may indulge more in adult beverages or perhaps act in a way that you feel is not authentic. You may see this at work parties where everyone is "on" and trying to get along for the evening with each other's spouses, etc. People may seem different than you know them personally because they are showing their "social self."

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The solution provides a coprehensive explanation of the Social Self and the moral and ethical factors that influence it. Major agents of socialization is also discussed in relation to the agents that can most affect an individual via socialization.