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Consumer Demand and Government Regulation

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Please help me respond to the following:

- Determine whether consumer demand is created and sustained by the advertising industry, or whether it is already present and simply informed by advertising. Provide specific examples to support your response.

- Evaluate the arguments for and against self-regulation in the advertising industry and discuss what steps (if any) the government should take toward increased governmental regulations. Explain your rationale.

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This answer offers cogent arguments relating to Government Regulation

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- Consumer demand is created and sustained by the advertising industry. The advertising industry is the key in launching new products, new brands, and new variants. A great deal of research and development relating to new products would cease if there were no advertising to launch the new products(a). Yes, consumer demand is created and sustained by the advertising industry. Specific examples from the electronics industry are the launch of the iPhone, and iPad. It was advertising that created demand for these products. Let us consider the Axe Anarchy, the new body spray from Axe. This body spray would have had little demand had it not been for huge advertising campaign launched by Unilever. This spray used multiple media including a large Facebook campaign. ...

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