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Avon: Regulation & Competitors

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1. Government regulations

2. Competitors (Mary Kay ect.)

3. Supply and demand analysis

Need these elements related to Avon.

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Avon: Regulation & Competitors


Avon Corporation is one of the world's popular Cosmetic Companies, which make products for women .Avon Corporation is headquartered at New York City in America. The company markets its products in about more than hundred Countries. The Company markets its products through independent representatives. The product line of the company includes cosmetic products, latest fashion based jewelry, apparel and many more. It uses innovative products for hair care and provides wide range of shampoos and conditioners. The brand name of the products of Avon is well recognized all over the World such as Avon Color, Avon Naturals, Anew, etc. The Company launches innovative products for women every year all over the World (Avon, 2009).

Government Regulations

In the Global World, each and every organization has to do its business according to the regulation of the Local as well as Foreign Government. In the same series, Avon also works under the Government Regulations of its Native Country. Although the cosmetic products or industries are the safest consumer products among all the consumer products, yet these industries have to follow the regulations of FDA. As the Company is headquartered at New York, in the United States, it follows all the regulations of the US Government. For example Avon follows Government regulations for consumer safety. It uses Identical Global Product Safety Standards, irrespective of ...

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