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Andrea Jung

Please help with the following:

Summarize the facts of the case
Identify the root problem and its causes
Identify additional information needed to adequately analyze the case
Identify possible solutions to the problem
Analyze the consequences of each alternative solution
Recommend an appropriate course of action for solving the problem
Most importantly Hiring of a female VP

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case analysis

Summarize the facts of the case
Andrea Jung the CEO of Avon faced a low revenue growth in 2005 and the stock prices of Avon fell. She initiated several measures to improve the situation. She removed layers of management, streamlined the products for increased sales and used women representatives to market the products of Avon. She then decided to expand into China. She managed to reduce her costs and increase the company's sales but she lost out on several opportunities for marketing Avon's products.
Identify the root problem and its causes:
The root problem is that Andrea Jung, in order to meet the expectations of the stock markets increased the sales of Avon through reducing costs and entering new markets, but in the bargain she gave up opportunities ...

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