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Factors that impede safe sex

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Examine what impediments prevent many people from practicing safer sex?

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I think there are several thing that impede people from practicing safer sex. First of all, the most common may be the excuse that people feel that the use of condoms changes the feeling/experience and that sex is more enjoyable without it. I also think that people are hesitant to ask (especially a new partner) to wear a condom because they may feel uncomfortable bringing it up, may be caught in the heat of the moment and act impulsively without using good judgment (being under the influence is a factor that contributes strongly here) and just go ahead without condoms, or worry about how the person may react if asked to wear a condom. Often times people may feel pressured to engage in sex without condoms and are told things like "I don't have any diseases; it'll be fine; etc"). Peer ...

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This post includes several factors that contribute to the prevalence of unsafe sex.

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