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    Health Promotion

    Health promotion is a process, set of policies, or actions aimed to give people more control over their health and the factors affecting their health. Furthermore, health promotion also seeks to encourage people to make healthy decisions. Health promotion can be done in many locations such as schools, workplaces, community centres, or healthcare facilities. There are a wide range of health promotion activities. Some activities are made to have a direct impact such as through education and economic regulations. Sexual education in high schools is an example of health promotion education. Taxing cigarettes and alcohol are examples of economic regulations that promote better health (by discouraging unhealthy habits). There are also policies that promote health through indirect effects. For example, a ban on smoking indoors decreases the impact of second-hand smoke. Another example is the encouragement of people to use reusable bags instead of plastic bags when grocery shopping. This promotes environmental health which in turn translates to our health in the long run. These various examples show different approaches that can be taken such as an individual approach, a socio-environmental approach, a harm-minimization approach, or even a zero tolerance approach.  

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    Health behaviors and solutions focused treatment

    Health behaviors counseling Life is a gift. Living it carefully and gratefully is essential to prevent untimely health complications and undiagnosed illnesses or untimely passing on. Infants, children, pets, elderly and adults - all must have help and support for their health and everyone together can help each other attain

    Skin Cancer Intervention

    Scenario - You are a health psychologist working in a medical/educational setting. Specifically, you are the health psychologist for the university hospital and medical center. You are in beautiful, sunny, Southern California. Recently, the dermatologists at the university health center are referring an unusually high number

    'Embracing the Shadow' - Mind,Body,Spirit Synergy

    Unit 9 Explain how "embracing the shadow" can be effective in helping to understand one's current mind-body-spirit connection. How might this understanding be helpful in deepening this connection?

    Mind/Body Connections

    Describe in detail two kinds of meditation; be sure to cite relevant sources. What are the benefits for the mind-body-spirit connection that these meditations offer?

    Neuroanatomy Background Information

    Create a written guide, including both the CNS and the PNS. Describes what the basic neuroanatomical structures are, where they are located, how they interact, and what function they serve. Name the structures by using the correct technical language but to use layperson's language as much as possible elsewhere. The neuroanatom

    Health Promotion Behaviors Change

    Question: How can individual, group, and social efforts be combined to implement community behavioral change? Identify challenges which may result from your suggestions.

    Discussing Behavioral Change Technique

    Present one theory or model of behavioral change which would be effective in a population and/or community? Presentation of the theory or model may be submitted in graphic or narrative format. Within your answer, using a scenario format, illustrate how the theory or model could be effective.

    Psychosocial Interventions for Cancer

    I am researching a list of psychosocial interventions for cancer. Can you help me with at least two of them- Psychotherapy and Complementary therapies. I need help with describing their use and success in cancer treatment. Also, of the two, is either one a better treatment over the other?

    Communication needs of Mexican-Americans

    I am writing a paper and I need help with addressing the communication needs of Mexican-Americans, in terms of medical information. What can the health care providers that work with Mexican-Americans do to improve treatment adherence?

    Deterring Teenagers from Smoking

    Can someone help me with discussing methods of deterring teenagers from starting to smoke as well as some successful strategies?

    Developing a Media Campaign to Change Negative Media on Anorexia

    Looking at information regarding eating disturbances (anorexia, bulimia, obesity, overeating, body dysmorphia, body image distortions), develop a media campaign proposal designed to change the current negative media and advertising initiatives. Develop a plan to convince a media corporation to change its advertising initiativ

    Counseling: Preventing Problems

    One of the school counsellor's roles, as identified by the BC School Counsellors Association, is to "ameliorate factors which may precipitate problems for students." By this statement, the association recognizes that prevention is an important responsibility of school counselors. Thus, this job provides an example of a preventiv

    Mental Health Promotion

    What is Mental Health Promotion? Why is it useful? What methods are there? These areas are explored.