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Mental Health Promotion

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What is Mental Health Promotion? Why is it useful? What methods are there? These areas are explored.

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Mental Health Promotion is described using an array of resources. The methods are examined.

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Mental Health Promotion

MHP can:

- Improve physical health and well-being
- Prevent or reduce the risk of some MH problems such as behavioural disorders, anxiety & depression and substance abuse
- Increase the 'mental health literacy' of organizations, individuals and the community.

A Strategic approach to MHP should aim to include a balance of:

- Developing coping skills such as parenting, communication
- Promoting social support systems and networks (self-help groups, addressing domestic violence, tackling bullying)
- Address structural barriers to MH areas like education, employment, housing and income distribution.

Prevention & Promotion

The case for investigating mental health promotion is often debated in terms of whether it can contribute effectively to the prevention of mental illnesses. There is a body of evidence that shows MHP can contribute to the prevention of certain disorders (depression/anxiety). It can also contribute to health improvement of people whether or not they have a mental illness or at risk of having one (Mental Health Foundation, 2000).

The debates about prevention and promotion raise questions about how mental health and mental illness are conceptualized. Curing illness does not necessarily result in health (Barker, 2000).

MHP works at three levels: and at each level, is relevant to the whole population, ...

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