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Health Belief Model: Importance of Community Partnership

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I am writing a paper introducing a conceptual model, the Health Belief Model. The community plays such a huge role in the health of our nation. In my paper I want to explain the importance of community partnership in community health projects in relation to the Health Belief Model. References would be helpful too.

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The importance of community partnerships are examined for a health belief model.

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The Health Belief Model focuses largely on the fact that given information and appropriate understanding of the risks and consequences of disease, an individual would be more inclined to take action.

Since your paper emphasizes on the importance of community partnership with community health projects, one area of focus would be to identify sources of influence within the community which have a strong, influential voice the population is likely to listen to. With that identified, you would obviously also want to figure out what information to divulge and how.

For example, in my community, local community volunteers are actually highly respected and are highly exposed to ...

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