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    Community Health Assessment

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    How can a community health assessment be used as a tool to address community health care needs.?Think of international global communities for your examples.

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    A Community Health Assessment provides the foundation for improving and promoting the health of the community (Minnesota Department of Health, N.D.) A vital part of any community health program is to effectively assess community health needs and develop actionable plans to address those needs. It is also extremely important to determine the availability of resources within the community to adequately address health concerns. The Community Health Assessment, therefore, assures that local resources are directed toward activities and interventions that address critical and timely public health needs.

    The concept of global health has evolved during the past 50 years from a narrow view of ecologically and geographically restricted health challenges to a broad and ...

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    The expert examines community health assessment to be used as a tool to address community health care needs. The international communities for examples are provided.