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Groups with Risks: medical prevention vs treatment

What groups besides health-care providers are likely to find interests at risk if our society chooses to emphasize prevention over treatment?

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To best answer that question we should look at the primary groups in society related to the treatment of illness and evaluate whether or not their "interests" are threatened.

Let's begin with health care providers. The question presupposes that health-care providers are likely to find their "interests at risk," but is this really the case? If society shifted toward a prevention model, then health care providers would play an important role in that shift, perhaps even seeing patients at more regular intervals for preventative maintenance. Certainly, a prevention model would change the focus of their services, but people would still need them.

Next, let's consider medical schools. Conventional medical schools produce ...

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This solution discusses the impact of a medical prevention model on organizations/companies connected to health care such as medical schools and pharmaceutical companies. The text contains 454 words.