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Value-Chain Analysis of a Rural Health Program

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Need help discussing the following article:

Read the article: "Value-Chain Analysis of a Rural Health Program: Toward Understanding the Cost Benefit of Telemedication" by Gamble, Savage, and Icenogle.

Address the following after reading the above:

1. Discuss the components of Porter's Value Chain Analysis model.
2. Provide a summary of the key points raised in the case you read.
3. Discuss how Porter's model was used to evaluate the cost-effectiveness of implementing telemedicine in rural health practices.
4. Discuss the value of using this model in the strategic planning process.

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The components of Porter's value chain analysis model begins with the raw materials or logistics entering the organization, which is the base product from which all aspects of the production that takes place within the value chain are dependent upon, or based upon. The actual production or active operations that take place within the value chain, utilize the raw materials that have been received by the organization, and begin the process of producing the product that the organization will be offering to customers. The next component of Porter's value chain, is the logistical activities supporting the transfer or distribution of the product to wholesalers and retailers, etc., or warehouses where products will be stored. The next ...

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