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    Health System Analysis

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    Hi, I need help with an outline:

    The organization and financing of the health care system is different for each country. Politics, culture, wealth, history, and environmental factors influence the development and distribution of health services.

    I am choosing Vietnam to analyze its health system in terms of cost, quality, and access to care. Your analysis should speak to the following elements:
    - Impact on vulnerable populations (elderly, mentally ill, etc.)
    - Women's health and maternal child health
    - Disease management of communicable & non-communicable diseases

    Also include appropriate comparisons (and contrasts) with the health systems of countries that were covered in this course.

    I need 5 credible references for this.

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    Paragraph 1: Introduction
    - Open up with a brief statement on why this is important. There is an unfair disparity in health care access and quality throughout the world. Comparing developing countries to Western developed countries demonstrates this.
    - Give an essay outline: This essay will use Vietnam as an example of the common issues in health care systems in developing countries. First, this essay will provide some historical context of Vietnam. Secondly, health care in vulnerable populations will be examined. Next, maternal health will be discussed. Lastly, how Vietnam copes with disease and manages outbreaks will be assessed.
    -Thesis: Vietnam's health care system is riddled with inequity and flaws, but the country shows great promise to be able to develop.

    Paragraph 2: Historical Context of Vietnam
    - Since the end of the Vietnam war in 1975, Vietnam was under a communist regime, which meant that everything was state-sponsored (free health care, though that does not necessarily mean good health care)
    - From 1975-1986, Vietnam was largely isolated from the rest of the world politically and impoverished
    - In 1986, though, the government undertook a number of economic and political reforms, which included deregulating health care
    - Yet, since the reforms, the economy has taken a large swing upwards (in 2000, it had the largest rate of growth)
    - Thus, Vietnam is still poor, relatively, but is on an obvious trend upwards

    Paragraph 3: The Disparity in Healthcare Access in Vulnerable Populations
    - The poor: when health care was ...

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