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Socialized Healthcare System

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Does a socialized health care system have benefits over a capitalistic health care system or vice versa? Which system do you think is most likely to help solve a social problem? Justify your answer.

Please provide any references, thank you.

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Today, there are approximately seventy-two million Americans who receive no health care. A study in 2004 began with the statement that "research shows that leaving a large share of the population without
health insurance affects not only those who are uninsured, but also the health and economic well-
being of the nation" (Hadley & Holohan, 2004). The study continues by quoting the cost of the uninsured, "In 2004, uncompensated care is estimated to be $40.7 billion. Adults uninsured for the full year receive the majority of uncompensated care, $26.3 billion (65% of the ...

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The benefits of a socialized health system over a capitalistic health care system.

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