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    Socialized Medicine vs. Private Healthcare

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    What is the difference between socialized medicine and private healthcare?

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    1. What is the difference between socialized medicine and private healthcare?

    Socialized medicine is a government-regulated system for providing health care for all by means of subsidies derived from taxation. Socialized Medicine is "used to describe a system of publicly administered national health care. This system can range from programs in which the government runs hospitals and health organizations to programs in which there is national universal health care. Although, these programs are often associated with communist run countries, every Western Country except the United States has some form of socialized medicine. England has had a socialized program since 1948. That year, the country passed the National Health Service Act, which provided free physician and hospital services for all citizens. Recently, the program has been amended to include small fees for doctor services; however, the concept is still intact" (http://jmchar.people.wm.edu/Kin493/socmed.html).

    In the United States, public opinion has been slow to ...

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