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    Effectively Utilizing the Enterprise Model

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    Read Case Study 4 Delivering Enterprise-Wide Decision Support through E-Business Applications, also found in textbook. (ADAPTIVE) Health Management Information Systems

    In a well-written paper please address the following:

    1. How would you respond to the growing demand for a "true" enterprise model in the healthcare system?
    2. Identify how the healthcare system can anticipate market changes and stay ahead of the business needs.

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    I would respond to the growing demand for a true enterprise model in the healthcare system, by first acknowledging that such a model is needed in this modern healthcare system in order to make them more efficient and effective and providing for the needs of patients throughout the nation. A true enterprise model in the healthcare system would make it more effective as a business entity, which is what is necessary in order for the system to function at its highest capacity. It would behoove the leadership within the healthcare industry to ensure that they are utilizing the best business practices possible in order to make the healthcare system and highly efficient system, which will increase the profitability of organizations within this system, as well as increase the satisfaction that patients have with the care that they are receiving within this system. In the development of this true enterprise model in the healthcare system, it will be first necessarily to develop a system wide language that could be utilized in order to properly define the healthcare system in its ...

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    This solution describes the advantages of utilizing the enterprise model in the healthcare system.