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    Beginning a Business Enterprise in Brazil

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    You have been asked by a CEO of a multinational enterprise to evaluate whether or not his company should begin a business enterprise in Brazil. Write a 2 page memo to the CEO explaining why or why he should not start a business in this country. This is potentially a multi-million dollar venture and you are addressing a CEO. Please keep this in mind.

    There are 2 specific learning outcomes: (1) analyze the impact of global forces on business practices and (2) assess the impact of culture and diversity on business practices.

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    In designing a business analysis, especially, to the senior leadership team, the goal is to focus on the country's demographic position within the marketplace. Thus, the business memo on the international / global venture entails pertinent elements relating to supporting a company new entrant within the selected country.

    Let's take a look at some essential areas of business analysis within the chosen country to effectively write up a business memo for senior management on a selected country, i.e. Brazil.

    1) Identify and provide a profile of ease-of-doing-business in your selected country.

    With evaluating a selected country on proficiencies to effectively supporting the business enterprise the resources must outlined several factors for productivity leading to profitability. In the designed business memo to the CEO of the organization, the end result or analysis entails outline how the business can thrive within the selected country economic and cultural / social landscape. Thus, the selected country will entail particulars that reinforces the business enterprise an opportunity to prosper within a defined targeted consumer marketplace. In analysis, the Brazil demographic landscape outlines are imperative to stating within the first initial paragraphs of the business memo (you want to communicate data for the CEO to assess your lead up to your reasoning for recommending or declining the business entry into the selected country).

    For example:


    Attn: CEO of Business Enterprise

    In analysis, my immediate recommendation is selecting Brazil as expanding our business ...

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