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Marketing Management

Your company, Atlantic Carolina Plastics, wants to approach its expansion in a logical and erudite method. The company has asked your manager, Mr. Smith, to inform you of your first assignment in preparation for the expansion. He explains to you that the board of executives wants you to prepare a memo explaining the primary imports and exports for Brazil. He also explains that the memo should contain the economic structure and the potential development of Brazil.

Describe the economic structure of the country.
Discuss the imports and exports of the country.
Explain the country's potential development.
Explain how the country would be a target market for your company's product.
Discuss the pros and cons of expanding to the country.
Give at least 2 recommendations explaining ways to implement your company and its products into the emerging country.

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//In this paper, we will discuss how the company Atlantic Carolina Plastics will expand their business in an emerging country. In this paper, we will also discuss the economic structure, imports and exports and developments of the country. In this paper, we will also explain why the emerging country is a target market; advantages and disadvantages of expanding the business in the emerging country and at last we will give suggestions, which will be implemented by the company to expand the product in the emerging country. //


To: Board of Executives


Date: 8 October 2010

Subject: Business expansion

According to the scenario, I am preparing a memo under the assistance of Mr. Smith, manager of the company. This memo will explain about the emerging country's economic structure, potential development, and imports and exports of the country. In this memo, we will also discuss how the emerging country is the target market for Atlantic Carolina Plastics. The main purpose is to understand the whole scenario of the emerging country and also to identify the advantages and disadvantages of expanding the business in it.

Atlantic Carolina Plastic has selected Brazil to expand their business as it has the largest economy in the South America. Brazil is the first market which has recovered its economy in the positive direction along with an increase in the GDP. Across the globe, Brazil's economy secured ninth position in 2006 and it is measured based on the purchasing power parity. Brazil's agriculture, mining, manufacturing, tertiary sector are developed. In 2003 Brazil had ameliorated their international reserves, controlled the inflation rate and decreased the debt of the country. Brazil's cost of stimulus is less when compared to the other emerging countries. In 2008, when the worldwide economy was decreasing; to overcome from this situation, Brazil had taken immediate actions to force the short term liquidity in the financial system of the country's economy. Brazil's GDP is increasing at a high rate as in 2007 it was 1.924 USD trillion and ...

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The response addresses the queries posted in 1262 words with references.