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McDonald's Expansion and Successful Marketing: Rapid International Growth

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On the subject of product expansion/development and companies that have been extremely successful, what about McDonald's. McDonald's and other companies are taking advantage of the rapid growth in China and other countries. Japan has a high number because most things in highly populated areas of Japan are very high paced -similar to the US. What about Brazil? I am surprised more aren't located here. What are you thoughts on the reasons why there aren't more in this rapidly expanding country?

Name an advertising campaign you believe was successful. What made this campaign successful? Name an unsuccessful advertising campaign. What made this campaign unsuccessful? Why is it important to evaluate communications and sales effects?

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What about Brazil? I am surprised more aren't located here. What are you thoughts on the reasons why there aren't more in this rapidly expanding country?

-- The above statement isn't completely accurate. McDonald's has started to expand into Brazil. As the economy in Brazil has expanded over the past few years, McDonald's has taken advantage of this and began opening various locations in Brazil. Out of 350 municipalities with a target population of 80,000, McDonald's has locations in 150 of those municipalities. They have been expanding, and have plans to open restaurants in the remaining locations over the next few years.

While it may be true that McDonald's had difficulty at one time expanding into Brazil due to the difficulties that Brazil had experienced with their economy, this is no longer the case. McDonald's understands the target market in Brazil, the culture, as noted in the differences in the Brazilian menu, and the cultural characteristics that interplay with doing business in general, in Brazil. By having developed the correct marketing strategy, the company has been able to enjoy ...

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This solution discusses the expansion of McDonald's into Brazil and Japan, and reasons why there aren't more franchises in these rapidly expanding countries. This solution also names an advertising campaign that was successful, and an advertising campaign that was unsuccessful. Includes 4 article links.

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