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    Benefits of Expanding Globally: Should all organizations become global organizations?

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    What are some of the factors that may discourage an organization from expanding globally? What are the benefits of expanding globally?

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    There has been a noticeable trend in organizations expanding globally, particularly large corporations, who have established bases in various capitals around the world. With the rise of globalization and the internet, small companies today have also realized the need for a globalized rather than a localized growth strategy. However, as with all business principles, there are benefits and disadvantages to global expansion.


    1. Language. The fact that each country has its own languages can be a major factor that acts as a barrier for global ...

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    This 375 word solution discusses some of the advantages and disadvantages of a corporation deciding to expand globally. By weighing the factors that are outlined in this solution, an organization will be able to decide whether to expand into international markets.