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    global HRM challenges

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    1. How do global challenges justify HR as a strategic partner within the organization?

    2. What are the implications of globalization for organizations that have strong affirmative action programs?

    3. What forces do you see facing organizations that drive them toward a global view?

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    //Prior to writing about the reason of considering HR as a strategic partner in global scenario, you should be aware about the globalization and increasing role of HR in dealing with diversity and other issues. I would like to provide you with a sample understanding on these terms, which will help you to write your paper. See the text below for example: //

    Answer 1

    Today, we are living in the era of globalization in which the whole world is converting into a global village. In smart companies, employees are considered to be the most important assets which are heavily helpful for the company in achieving competitive advantage. Due to the rapid globalization, the talent market is becoming highly competitive. Therefore, it has become very difficult for HR to manage diverse workforce and improve the productivity by attracting and retaining the efficient candidates (The Importance of Making HR as Strategic Partner, n.d.).

    Nowadays, organizations are considering HR as a strategic partner for addressing the people related issues, which really impact the business. There are many reasons for making HR as the strategic partner of the company in global scenario. HR is very important in synergizing diversity, empowering the employees, retaining key employees, managing attrition, improving the performance, increasing service delivery, etc.

    In this manner, more and more organizations are giving significant ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 821 words with references.