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Marketing in multiple cultures or countries

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Select two products (or companies) that have been very successfully marketed within multiple cultures/countries.

Describe real (or likely) examples of how the parent companies have effectively used market research and marketing techniques to achieve their current success, and how/why the companies modify their marketing approaches between different international markets.

As the Director of Marketing for these parent companies, offer two additional marketing opportunities (e.g. a market research opportunity, or new implementation of some aspect of the marketing mix) for these products/companies and explain your rationale.

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// Marketing research helps the company to expand its operation world wide and to identify the customer's needs across the culture. In this paper, we will have a look at how the two companies effectively use the market research and other marketing techniques to achieve their current success. It also covers how companies modify their marketing approaches between different international markets. In the end it will specify the additional marketing opportunities for their products.//


The effective market research is based on flexible research practices in order to adopt the growth opportunities. If it is adopted with appropriate strategy, it would be easy to meet the requisite customer needs with removing the global market mistakes. It helps in identifying the needs of the customers in the respective market place. In this paper, two companies have been taken to identify existing marketing strategy. The companies are McDonald and Coca-cola. McDonald was formed and found in California's, in the year, 1954. It has been able to develop in about 199 countries with more than 30,000 franchise stores. It has been able to collect revenue of about $ 15 billion every year and cater its product for more than 47 million people each day (Han, 2008). Coca-Cola placed itself firstly, in the US market by focusing on the production of its syrup concentrate and grand advertising of its soft drink product. Coca-Cola is a recognizable brand which has acquired many awards and recognition of social responsibility. It is world's largest beverage company.

McDonald's is one of the best-known brands world-wide. It has effectively used market research and marketing techniques to achieve its current success. It continually aims to build its brand by listening to its customers and therefore, creating a loyal customer. It has been using Branding strategy to develop a personality and behave in the consistent way to be presentable for the organization, product and services. Advertising and promotion, as market communication method are used to create color, design and image. These methods and tools helps McDonald's to represent itself with logo "Golden Arches" as recognizable image. Its philosophy is to provide outstanding quality, service, cleanliness, and value in order to make every customer in every restaurant smile (Adam, 2009).

Coca-cola adopted a globalize strategy with the tag line, "think global act global". It has made a standard product which has provided it enough opportunities to extend geographically with required modification in order to maximize the economies of scale. The strategy manily focuses on how much to standardize from country to country and how much to localize and to respond to the local differences. Finally, it carried out more localization and less standardization. It has helped the company to extract the value from international operations. Coca-cola has competitive advantage over its competitors (Ward, 2004). .

//After having a look at the introduction of both the companies, we will have a look at how the two companies effectively use the market research ...

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The response addresses the queries posted in 1855 words with references.

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