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    Today, your manager reveals that you will be working with other employees to help organize all the information regarding the potential countries in which to expand. He explains to you that the group assignment/project requires the making of a template that the company will use to display valuable information regarding the prospective countries.

    Prepare a cultural profile template for all students to use regardless of the host country chosen.

    The cultural profile should be developed so that each user can search for, present, and analyze the same types of information. As an example, your cultural profile might include sections on Hofstede's and Trompenaar's variables, key host country historical events, primary religious practices and business implications, and so forth. It will be up to the group to determine the appropriate sections, subsections, and specific content to be included in the profile. The profile should include at least 3 sections (2 subsections per section) and 2-3 specific bullets per subsection.

    As an example, one section of your template might look like the following:

    Host country:



    Bullet 1:

    Bullet 2:

    Include the following in the template:

    Include sections on Hofstede's and Trompenaar's variables.
    Include key historical events.
    Include primary religious practices.
    Include business implications.
    The template must include 3 sections, 2 subsections per section, and 3 specific bullet points per subsection.
    The template must clearly identify the country, the section, the subsection, and bullet points.
    Explain why you chose the particular section, subsection, and bullets for the cultural profile.

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    //The given paper is developed for a company, which desires to expand its business in the potential countries. Regarding this, the company wants to have a culture profile template about the host country, which is selected for the expansion purpose. The culture profile template is developed in relation to Brazil. In this context, the basic components of the template are summarized as under:

    Cultural Profile Template:

    The given culture profile template is developed for Brazil, which has a good potential for the business expansion of the companies. Brazil is the most diverse and influential country of South America. It is a resource rich country and an economic giant.

    The template is developed in three sections, which are categorized on the basis of Hofstede and Trompenaar Variables. Hofstede has explained five cultural variables whereas seven cultural variables have been proposed by Trompenaars. Five cultural variables of Hofstede are - collectivism versus individualism, power distance, avoidance of uncertainty, masculinity versus femininity, short term orientation versus long term orientation. Seven cultural variables proposed by Trompenaars are - affective versus neutral, universalism versus particularism, human nature relationship, specific versus diffuse, human time relationship, achievement orientation versus ascription, communitarianism and individualism (Binder, 2007).

    //In the following discussion, the first section is summarizing the religious and cultural values of Brazil under two subsections//

    Host Country: Brazil

    Section 1: Individualism/Collectivism: This section is chosen as it specifies the most important cultural aspects of the society, i.e. human self identity.

    Subsection 1:

    Religious Practices: The religious practice of a particular country determines the feeling of individualism or collectivism among them. This subsection is chosen to specify the religious aspects of Brazilian people in relation to their social status. The given bullet points are selected to specify the religious value of Brazilian culture.

    Brazil is regarded as one of the most ethically diverse countries, as it is a mixture of races and ethnicities. About 80-90% of Brazil's population follows Roman Catholicism. But in Brazil, there are some other religious practices ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 1306 words with references.