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    Brazil v Untied States: Conducting Business

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    I am looking for some ideas on comparing and contrasting the way business is conducted in Brazil versus the United States.

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    There are some basic differences in the way business is conducted in Brazil versus the United States. According to the World Bank the ease of starting business in the United States is 20 whereas the ease of starting business in Brazil is 123. Dealing with constructions is ranked at 130 in Brazil whereas dealing with construction permits is ranked 34 in the United States. Registering property is ranked 107 in case of Brazil whereas it is ranked 25 for the United States. In general it is relatively difficult to start and run a business in Brazil when compared with the United States.

    There are many practical issues that are different in the United States and Brazil. Meeting and greeting is informal in the United States whereas it is formal in Brazil. Further, there are some Americans who do not shake hands; in contrast business people in Brazil shake hands for a long period of time. In Brazil, the manager must wear a three piece suit. Two piece suits are meant for lower officers. Professional titles are used in introducing both in the USA and in Brazil. Eye contact is essential when shaking hands in both Brazil and United States.
    We now consider the similarities and differences between Hofstede's factors for Brazil and the United States: The power distance is 69 for Brazil and 40 for United States. This means that hierarchies are important in Brazil. Individualism is 38 for Brazil and 91 for Untied States. When compared with the ...

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