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    Description of Global Business Environment in Brazil

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    The board chairman wants you to expand the company into Brazil. He wants you to make a memo to present to the board that will discuss Brazil's cultural profile. Ensure that you discuss key cultural variables (i.e. Hofstede, Trompenaar, etc.) and how they compare to the USA.

    - Brazil's cultural profile

    - How do these differences in culture change how you may conduct business?

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    //As per the directions, the paper describes the cultural profile of Brazil. It describes the cultural variables proposed by Hofstede's and Trompenaar's studies. It further compares Brazil and the United States in the context of cultural variables and also describes the effect of cultural differences on conducting a business in Brazil.//




    Subject: Impact of culture on conducting business in Brazil

    Cultural Profile of Brazil

    Brazil is situated in the central-eastern zone of South America. It is the largest country in South America and is the world's fourth largest country. Its total population is approximately 162 million. It is also the biggest country in terms of industrial growth, and it is the world's tenth richest nation. But, there is a huge gap between the rich and poor. Two-third of the population is below the poverty line and about 33% is facing malnutrition. About 12 million children in Brazil are without parents or homes. Brazil's workforce has traditionally been dominated by men, but now increasing number of women are pursuing higher education and managing businesses. Generally, the important decisions in a family are being taken after consulting the eldest male member of the family. Brazilians are very passionate about soccer. Brazil has the largest soccer stadium and highest number of professional football clubs in the world. Its national soccer team has won the FIFA world cup five times, more than any other country. Health care financing from the government is not adequate, and it has the third highest cases of HIV AIDS in the world. The average life expectancy is 64 and 68 years for Brazilian men and women respectively. Brazil's literacy rate is very low. It is the biggest producer of coffee in the world. Typically, Brazilian food contains rice, beans, meat and salad. The primary language is ...