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Global Business Environment : Brazil explained

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Your manager, Mr. Smith, was impressed with the country you chose (Brazil), and he wants you to give him more information regarding your host country (Brazil). He explains that you must prepare a report for him discussing the business environment of your selected host country (Brazil). He also explains that the report should contain researched information regarding the target market in terms of the people, the economy, and the government.

Discuss the target market in terms of the people, the economy, and the government for your selected host country (Brazil). Report on any key data that will inform your manager of the most important possible differences between your host country (Brazil) and the U.S. market.

The business environment
The total population
Population growth rates
Ethnic and religious makeup
Per capita GDP
Income disparity
Unemployment rates
Education levels and literacy rates
Key industries
Economic output
National debt

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//In order to be successful in the overseas business, the information about the host country is very significant. This paper deals with exploring about the people, government and economy of the host country Brazil along with the possible differences between Brazil and the U.S. Market//

Brazil is famous world-wide for its Soccer prowess than any other thing. But slowly and steadily the country is making its presence felt in the world forum and more and more countries are looking forward to have trade relations with it. The country posses well developed agricultural, manufacturing and service sectors that have made it overtake many other economies of South America. The statistical data also showed that Brazil had been one of the fastest growing economies of the world between 1930 to1995, and thus, it proves the status and future of the country. The companies looking for expanding their business in Brazil need to be well aware of the business environment of the country, in order to be successful. The basic aspects that are needed to be considered before targeting the country for business establishments should be thorough knowledge about the people, economy and the government of the country (Leiva, 2010).

It is important to primarily understand the people of the country and the related factors, for the purpose of getting into the country for business. The population of Brazil at present is estimated to be 198,739,269, making it the fifth largest country of the world, in terms of population and also in terms of geographical area. The estimated population growth rate for the year 2010 is 99%. The population is the combination of various ethnic groups ...

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The response addresses the queries posted in 1069 words with references.

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