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    Examining best business, cultural, and legal practices

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    You are the CEO for a transnational organization seeking to expand its global operations. The market analysis is favorable. It is important to develop an implementation plan going forward.

    - Resource: The Multinational Organization Paper
    - Review the country and company you chose in Week One.
    - Write a paper addressing the following:

    o Examine best business, cultural, and legal practices.
    o Consider how the chosen organization's entry may be integrated into this market.
    o How might the organization create and maintain a competitive advantage here?
    o Be specific and justify your answers.

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    Starbucks Corporation is based in Seattle. It is the contributing coffeehouse chain across the globe. Currently the company operates in more than 44 countries. The company offers a wide variety of beverages, coffee beans and brewing equipment and a wide variety of snacks and sandwiches. The company is also branched into marketing music and books (The Company, 2010). The company's mission statement and guiding principles exhibits that it is the goal of the company to "establish itself as the premier supplier of the finest coffee in the world, while exerting its uncompromising principles as it grows." The company follows various guiding principles.

    Now, as the company's operations are expanding all over the world, it is also planning to expand its operations in Brazil, which is a South American country. The country stands at 5th position all over the world in regard to its geographical area. In addition to this there also exist numbers of other opportunities in Brazil, which Starbucks wants to attain and for this it wants to undertake a market analysis so that all the available opportunities can be arrived at in the most effective and efficient manner.

    For expanding its business in Brazil, the company need to adopt some best business, culture and legal practices as without this its business operations will not attain success in Brazil. Brazil is the most influential country in terms of economic base, as it has shaped its economy in 15 years, in an extensive manner. The industrial base is most productive as compared to other countries (Country Study: Brazil, 2009). The country has extraordinary ecological diversity, which is favourable for the various businesses persist in the country. Export ...

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