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Factors in conducting international business

The World Bank has being doing an extensive study of this subject for many years. Please visit http://doingbusiness.org

Select a country at this site.

Write 2 pages about this country:

Identify the country and summarize its profile.

Describe how easy it is to do business in this country according to the information at this site.

What factors make it easy to do business? What factors make it difficult to do business? Are there explicit factors that deal with marketing? Explain why.

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I have selected Brazil. Brazil is situated in Latin America. Doing Business Rank of Brazil has gone down to 130 in 2013 by two places as compared to 2012. The Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in Brazil was worth 2087.89 billion US dollars in 2010, according to a report published by the World Bank. The GDP value of Brazil is roughly equivalent to 3.37 percent of the world economy. Historically, from 1960 until ...