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    Definition of Enterprise Architecture

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    The "EA as Strategy" (see attached reference part I and II) provides a definition of enterprise architecture that includes the words "standardization" and "integration" as key aspects of the requirements that drive EA. A company wants to transform itself such that all of its divisions operate in a "unification" model.
    What would you need to know about how information and processes are currently used to determine if more emphasis is needed on integration, standardization, or both? If the divisions were currently operating in the "replication" model, what do you think the most obvious changes you would need to see in the target, top level core EA diagram (as compared to the current state)? Be specific please.

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    //Enterprise architecture is required in an organization to find out the best way in which the organization can be designed. This helps to avoid any confusion and problems in the business. With the effective integration of EA, organizations can easily plan their resources and perform the activities in the best possible manner. In context to this, the present study is based on understanding the meaning of EA, and the main issues that give rise to unification model in an organization. The study also presents an EA diagram that reflects the interconnection between the various departments of an organization.//

    EA refers to enterprise architecture that deals with organizing logic for IT infrastructure and business processes by ...

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    The response addresses the query posted in 446 words with APA references