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    How does e-business affect a company's strategy?

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    What must a company do to transform its strategy when it decides to transform into an e-Business?

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    E-business is the conduct of business electronically. It incorporates not only buying and selling by electronic means, but also servicing customers, collaborating with business partners and collaborating internally with colleagues electronically.

    Depending on business type and size, E-Business architecture may be composed of three enterprise process focus areas along with business unit / value chain process integration and enabling IT architecture and operations. The architecture may be viewed at three levels of detail, or process views:

    * Enterprise
    * Functional
    * Operational


    Architecture in this level is to stay with strategic direction in order to influence or guide business behavior and to impact Customer & Supply Collaboration.

    Customer Collaboration consists of customer-facing processes. Examples of areas are as follows:

    1. Marketing
    2. Sales
    3. Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
    4. Fulfillment of Customer Contracts.

    Supply Collaboration consists of supplier-facing processes in the following possible ...

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    This solution discusses enterprise-level, functional-level and operational-level change in a company's strategy when implementing a new plan to become an e-business in 596 words.