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    Leadership Strategy and Styles

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    The Internet and technological advancements have changed the way organizations conduct business. From a chief executive officer of an organization, what would be the strategy for implementing change in a resistant culture? This strategy could address the organization's attitude in preparing for innovation. A good example is General Motors (GM) and the problems it encountered when moving the organization away from its current business practices towards a new paradigm. Provide an example of strategy.


    How does the culture of an organization affect leadership styles? What are some positive and negative examples? Provide one example, either of a positive or negative outcome, for an actual company.

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    1. The best strategy is to provide the best methods of communication possible to the employees. This way the employees not only know what the company is doing and planning, but can also participate in the discussions, especially about their own positions.

    The strategy is to change the company. Changing the resistant culture is the first strategy to be addressed.
    a. Find potential change leadership that agrees with the change and give them the tools to create the enthusiasm and acceptance ...

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