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Analyze strategic leadership styles

I need assistance in making a strategic analysis of leadership within the context of the organization. Use Walmart for the following:

1. Briefly analyze leadership styles within the sub-unit by applying leadership theories.
2. Distinguish leadership from management, and formal from informal leadership in your analysis.

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Wal-Mart is one of the leading departmental stores in the world. It was established in 1962 by Sam Wilton. Presently, Wal-Mart is serving more than 200 million customers all over the world with the help of its 2.2 million associates and more than 7,800 departmental stores (About Us: Wal-Mart, 2001). According to the Fortune Magazine 2009, it has secured first position in 'Most Admired Companies' survey. Additionally, as per the business survey of Fortune Global 500, 2008, it is one of the biggest public corporations on the basis of revenue. The factors, which help Wal-Mart in obtaining & maintaining competitive advantage, are large number of stores and low price of products.

Although the image of Wal-Mart is excellent in the present market but it had faced severe challenges related with the management of its employees. For resolving all the problems, that Wal-Mart was confronting, it had adopted a participative leadership style in which its executives also try to involve their subordinates by also giving them authority so that they can also consider themselves a prominent part of organization they are working for (Robbins, Judge & Sanghi, 2009). This participative leadership style presently employed by Wal-Mart demonstrates that the ...

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The solution analyzes strategic leadership styles for Wal-Mart. The solution distinguishes leadership from management.