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    Leadership Analysis of CEOs

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    For this module project it is required that you have an investigation and provide an analysis of the leadership style and effectiveness of the Nissan's and Semco's CEOs. This should include a brief history, their approach to leadership on leading the organization, themselves and others, also their traits, skills, style and approach on leadership. Explain their leadership styles under the various leadership theories and a comparison of the two leaders (similarities and differences). I also need a summary of the significant findings and perspectives acquired from the following article.

    1. Houghton, J. D., & Yoho, S. K. (2005). Toward a contingency model of leadership and psychological empowerment: when should self-leadership be encouraged?. Journal of Leadership & Organizational Studies, 11(4), 65-83.
    2. Howell, J. P., DelaCerda, J., Martínez, S. M., Prieto, L., Bautista, J. A., Ortiz, J. & Méndez, M. J. (2007). Leadership and culture in Mexico. Journal of World Business, 42(4), 449-462.

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    In today's competitive environment, leadership plays an important role in order to manage the organizational activities and to achieve competitive advantage in the market. Two companies such as Nissan and Semco have effective leadership that supports the companies to improve their market position and to achieve competitive advantage from the markets. Nissan is a Japanese multinational automobile manufacturing company that was founded in 1934 (Nissan Motor Company, 2013). On the other hand, Semco is a Brazilian based company known for the industrial democracy and corporate re-engineering. The company has diversified product range from vegetable oils to mixers for the chemical, pharmaceuticals and food and mining industries. Company also provides electrical and civil maintenance and other services to the customers (Semco, 2009). This guideline compares the leadership of both the companies.

    Leadership Comparison
    It is identified that at Nissan, the CEO Carlos Ghosn adopted situational and people oriented leadership approach in order to lead the organization. The situational leadership style helps the company to create strategies according to the current situation or circumstances. It helps the company to develop its market and motivate employees towards the work and organization (Howell et al., 2007). At the same time, people oriented approach of leadership helps the CEO to treat everyone in the company equally that helps the company to improve the moral of employees in order to enhance the productivity (Wit & Meyer, 2005).

    On the other hand, CEO of Semco, Ricardo Semler, uses decentralized and participatory leadership approach to lead the organization. Through this leadership approach, Semler believes that organization is a real world laboratory that helps the employees and other stakeholders to develop in the market and to maximize profits. Through the decentralized approach of leadership, Semler motivates employees to make effective communication with other members of the organization, so that they can develop their understanding about the strengths and weaknesses. In the comparison of this, the decentralization leadership approach helps the CEO to ...

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