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    Strategic Management

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    After reviewing the Gene One scenario in Week Four on your page, imagine that you and your team members are the siblings of the late Don Ruiz. Everyone in the family (your learning team) has a different opinion about the leadership within Gene One and how that leadership should change to implement a successful IPO. At a family (team) meeting, each member should present an analysis of one of the four remaining members of the executive team. Then, as a team, decide the leadership structure and styles that are best suited to move Gene One into the future and what the end vision of Gene One should be.

    Individually, write a change strategy for the company that effectively pairs your selected leadership structure and styles with the team's end vision for Gene One.

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    //In this paper; we will present an analysis of the leadership of the executive members of Gene One. We will also discuss as to which leadership structure and style would best suit the organization in the future. In the paper we will also confer upon the vision of the company following an organizational change.//

    Leadership in an organization involves instilling motivation and enthusiasm in the employees. An effective leader knows how to manage and tackle difficult situations and people. It is about extending the support that is required by the employees for the successful accomplishment of the organizational goal and objectives. Therefore, it is absolutely important that the leader be a good communicator, so that the employees know what is to be achieved (DuBrin, 2009).

    In Gene One, Michelle Houghton who is associated with the organization since its start has infused all her energy for the success and development of the company. She has been efficiently handling the finances of the company since the inception of the company. A Leader should be dedicated to the organizational objectives, and this can be represented by the fact that Michelle is very keen and zealous about her work. Truly she will be able to provide the right kind of encouragement required by the employees in a scenario of organizational change.

    //Further in the paper; we will elaborate on the various leadership styles and structure that will help the organization to move ahead in its plans. //

    Gene One is moving ahead with the release of its IPO, there are various advantages attributed to this, the firm van now raise capital form the public and this in turn, can be utilized for funding the research and development activities of the organization. With this, the market share of the company in comparison to the competitors may increase. With such great benefits ahead, the firm needs to adapt and be well prepared for the changes, which may accompany owing to the release of the initial public offer, or in other words, to the plans of the company going public. Because of the future changes, the company needs to plan its strategies and vision for the long term and communicate it to generate effective cooperation and support from the public, as well as, its employees. In doing so, the organization needs to bring about a change in the leadership styles and structures, so that it is in coherence to the future plans.

    There will be surely changes in the organizational process and systems, and foreseeing these changes the leadership structure that will best suit the organization will be that of a team work under a team ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 1703 words with references.