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    Mobilization and Deployment: Enterprise Architecture Center

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    The Enterprise Architecture Center has prepared a couple of substantial documents reflecting a fairly detailed vision of what an 'enterprise architecture' for information management might look like, including specific attention to the social as well as technical issues that need to be addressed, and a lot on how the whole thing needs to be governed and controlled.


    Show evidence of the readings above.

    "Ideas and topics that need to be added to the EAC documents in order to make them more effective as IT system implementation guides, based on what I've learned in this course about information technology in business".

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    Enterprise Architecture:

    Preparation for the successful enterprise architecture program is considered necessary for the preparation of a successful enterprise architecture program. There are five key successful enterprise architectural programs which can cause the failure of an EA program and how they could be avoided.

    Confusion is the first factor which may cause the failure of an EA program. Confusion aspect comes about when a definition about a program is not clearly shared out. Sudden and anticipated vacancies at times will add confusion about the EA's role. Suspicion is considered as the second point which may result to failure of the systems. Suspicion arising from business managers and users that EA is an IT led program.

    Lack of faith can also result to the failure of an enterprise architecture program. This normally takes place when there is a disconnection experienced between the visions of a senior IT leadership and its ranks. Leadership is the fourth factor which may cause failure such as the lack of framework in leadership overly ambitious goals is the final reason which may result to the failure of an EA program since a successful architect should always understand the realities which are on the ground and the EA functions appropriately as expected. By understanding the above factors, it is going to be easier for the development of a successful enterprise architecture program (Enterprise systems 2010).

    A topic that can added include the 'business knowledge management' which unlike business information or business processes identified by EAC, would deal in building business knowledge and intelligence by creating, identifying, distributing and adopting insights and experiences during the implementation of the IT system to make it more effective and efficient.

    Intellectual property guidelines and specifications in implementing the system including third party, assess and privacy legal requirements for the processes, the components and the systems as a whole are also ...

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    This solution discusses preparing for implementing enterprise architecture (including cultural readiness), communication, transition roles and responsibilities, transition and training, feedback, and leadership center of excellence, as well as provides a sample enterprise organizational model. This solution is 1137 words.