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    Enterprise Architecture Business Case

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    Question : (about 300 words)
    Based on Enterprise Architecture, you have been asked to make a business case at Fortune 500 company (pick any one) as to why they should establish a formal EA Center of Excellence or even an EA Program. The background is that the company has been very successful year upon year without such an EA focus. However, some senior IT directors believe that it is time.
    Help them make the case by listing and explaining 4 benefits of an EA capability that would be meaningful to your company (you can pick the sector and company...or pretend your own company is that company, but you must present this as an initiative that would have impact across the whole enterprise).
    Then provide a high-level, recommended road map for the first 4 months of the major steps that would need to be taken to establish the initial EA capability successfully.

    (Please provide if you use external resources)

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    // Enterprise Architecture is a practice or conceptual blueprint that is used to perform analysis, implementation, planning and design of the enterprise; it also regulates the way an organization can accomplish its present as well as future objectives. In this context, the section below highlights the why a business organization needs to establish enterprise architecture center of excellence or an EA program. Other than this the section also explores, some benefits of EA capability.//

    Enterprise architecture is a tool that was earlier used only by IT department but in present business environment it is used by the management as a decision supporting tool that helps to translate the ...

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    The response addresses the query posted in 371 words with APA References