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    Four Stages of Architecture Maturity

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    The "EA as Strategy" (see attached resource part 1 and 2) describes four stages of architecture maturity that should guide the evolution of EA in an organization toward the "optimized core" phase and beyond.
    Most of this journey involves a gradual reduction in local flexibility regarding decisions related to business processes (and local control over applications/data). However, advancing beyond a certain point of standardization can actually allow local organizations to regain a higher degree of flexibility and application customization capability while still making use of a common, optimized company core.
    Explain how this is possible, and describe what architecture factors are most important in reaching a point where greater business modularity could be permitted and which could even be seen as leading to more strategic value.
    As the CEO of the company, explain why you would, or would not, want to achieve the business modularity level of maturity.

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    //The need for architecture factors has increased in the business process to ensure its effective growth and development. The architecture factors help the organization to reach their desired level and attain their goals and objectives. In context to this, the present study is based on the identification and description of the main architecture factors that are useful for the business. It also lays emphasis on the need for attaining business modularity level of maturity. //

    The main architecture factors are sponsorship and involvement, business requirements, enterprise architecture models, and development environment. Among these, the main factors to be discussed are sponsorship and involvement and business ...

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    The response addresses the query posted in 404 words with APA references